The Dixon Destination Wedding – Playa Del Carmen, Mexico – June 24th, 2016 – Kelsie Jo Photography – Destination Wedding Photographer

Hey guys,

I have been so excited to show you the Dixon Destination Wedding!

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that this was my first ever destination/beach wedding to photograph. I had the privilege of visiting Mexico 3 times this year, yes THREE TIMES! The 1st time was for my beach wedding in Cancun, the second was this beautiful wedding I am about to show you in Playa Del Carmen, and the last was the Wood’s destination wedding in Playa Del Carmen (that I will be blogging within the next few weeks). I have always loved traveling and it was my biggest dream to take wedding pictures on the beach..(I never dreamed my first one would be out of the country). I was so ready to build up my destination wedding portfolio so I offered these brides my photography services in trade for a 2 night stay at the resort they were staying and my flight there and back (which I am still offering for next year, with the exception of adding another person to my trip so I don’t have to travel alone and have someone to help me during the wedding). So if you are having any type of destination wedding out of the country, please contact me so we can discuss details. Not only do you save money by doing it this way (photography companies in tourist areas are ridiculously expensive) but it’s also a very safe and comforting feeling to know that your photographer is in the states and your wedding contract is in the states. Please feel free to contact me with any type of travel questions. I would love to give advice on anything for your destination wedding!

Now onto Whitney and Ryan’s big day…

I loved getting to know this couple and their family/friends. Being with a group of people that you barely know by yourself can be kind of scary, but this group was so welcoming and fun. I appreciate every single one of you for treating me like family and apart of the “group”. I hope you all love the pictures and please feel free to share this blog link on your facebook!


2016-07-27_0001 2016-07-27_0003 2016-07-27_0002 2016-07-27_0004 2016-07-27_0005 2016-07-27_0006 2016-07-27_0007 2016-07-27_0008 2016-07-27_0009 2016-07-27_0010 2016-07-27_0011 2016-07-27_0012 2016-07-27_0013 2016-07-27_0014 2016-07-27_0015 2016-07-27_0016 2016-07-27_0017 2016-07-27_0018 2016-07-27_0019 2016-07-27_0020 2016-07-27_0021 2016-07-27_0022 2016-07-27_0023 2016-07-27_0024 2016-07-27_0025 2016-07-27_0026 2016-07-27_0027 2016-07-27_0028 2016-07-27_0029 2016-07-27_0030

This young boy was watching me take pictures and decided he was going to be a photographer, too. He went and grabbed his dad’s camera out of his bag and joined me. It was pretty funny!

2016-07-27_0031 2016-07-27_0032 2016-07-27_0033 2016-07-27_0034 2016-07-27_0035 2016-07-27_0036 2016-07-27_0037 2016-07-27_0038 2016-07-27_0039 2016-07-27_0040 2016-07-27_0041 2016-07-27_0042 2016-07-27_0043 2016-07-27_0044 2016-07-27_0045 2016-07-27_0046 2016-07-27_0047 2016-07-27_0048 2016-07-28_0001 2016-07-28_00022016-07-27_0050 2016-07-27_0051 2016-07-27_0052


We went back out to the beach before sunset for more pictures…and I’m so glad we did. These are my favorite!

2016-07-27_0053 2016-07-27_0054 2016-07-27_0055 2016-07-27_0056 2016-07-27_0057 2016-07-27_0058 2016-07-27_0059 2016-07-27_0060 2016-07-27_0061

Time for cake!

2016-07-27_0062 2016-07-27_0063 2016-07-27_0064 2016-07-27_0065 2016-07-27_0066 2016-07-27_0067


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Much Love,

Kelsie Jo

Ps. This resort is The Riu Palace Mexico in Playa Del Carmen.

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