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Hey everyone,

I’ve got another wedding for you guys today!

Mark & Jeri’s ceremony and reception was held at the Terrapin Peak, Bed, Breakfast, & Beyond in Cookson, Oklahoma on Lake Tenkiller. It was my first time shooting here and it was absolutely beautiful. The owners completely took care of Jeri and her family/friends and I must say the food was incredible! I usually don’t eat at weddings but I had a long drive home and the wedding party insisted I sat down to eat before I left…and I am so glad I did. This place is perfect for smaller type ceremonies. I will be sending brides their way!

Mark and Jeri might have been the most laid back couple I’ve ever met. (I know, I say this every time…but I am so lucky to have the best clients around). Jeri let me work my magic and capture everything she wanted! She made it clear that she really loved candid shots more than posed during her consultation…so I really tried my hardest to get real laughs and smiles. Hope you enjoy! 🙂

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The boys being the girls, and the girls being the guys… hilarious!

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